Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

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Posted on October 18 2019

Fall is here, we're gearing up for Halloween and are picking our pumpkins and gourdsDid you know that pumpkin actually has many wonderful benefits for your dog?

Our favorite orange squash is actually highly nutritious - loaded with Vitamins A and C, as well as iron, phosphorous, and magnesium. Vitamin A is essential for eye health and Vitamin C can help support your pet's immune system. Both of these vitamins may also maintain a healthy coat.

Another reason to keep pumpkin handy at home is to assist your pet with digestive upsets. Mild cases of diarrhea can be helped with a few spoonfuls of pumpkin and adding pumpkin to your pet's food regularly can assist with digestive wellness for the long term. (Note: If your pet is having persistent diarrhea, do be sure to see your vet.)

Finally, pumpkin may also be a natural way to control parasites. The amino acid cucurbitacin, found in pumpkin, has been shown to be toxic to many dog parasites such as tapeworms. It can be used to safely expel worms and to put your pet on a path to wellness.

Just a couple of spoonfuls of tasty pumpkin can be an easy way to give your pet more functional nutrition and wellness for the long term.

Enjoy the season!

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