Declare Your Independence From Kibble

Longevity Raw Pet Food

Posted on July 16 2021

July is the perfect month to make the switch to a healthier fresh food diet for your dog. The benefits of whole foods for your pet are substantial. With a fresh diet, your dog is getting vital nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics that are often below par in commercial kibble which is exposed to high heat temperatures. The high heat processing breaks down nutrients and kills digestive enzymes that help keep your dog's immune system functioning at its optimal capacity.

Raw fed dogs enjoy benefits such as shiny skin and coat; fresher breath and improved dental health; more energy and vitality; smaller stools; and overall optimization of their immune systems. What's missing from Longevity Raw? Artificial flavors, colorings, fillers, and preservatives, among other things.

At Longevity Raw, we try to make it easy for our pet parents to make the switch to a fresh food diet. All of our recipes are veterinarian formulated to ensure that your dog is getting a complete and balanced diet. Creating a healthy balance of meat, organs, bone, fruits, and vegetables is a challenging process to take on. With an already balanced formulation, feeding becomes simple. In addition, our pre-portioned patties reduce the mess and feeding routine.

Declare your independence from kibble in July and save 10% on all of our products with online code KIBBLEFREE. Time to cue the fireworks!

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