Longevity's Authentic Ancestral Diet Supports Local Wolves

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Posted on March 17 2017

Dr. B’s Longevity Raw Pet Food Donates Food to Wolf Visions

The majestic wolf is a beautiful animal with complex social and communication structures, but as a species they are often misunderstood.  Wolf lover and teacher Vinnie Reo works to dispel many falsehoods about wolves with educational appearances and talks across the Northeast.  Through his non-profit organization, Wolf Visions, Mr. Reo raises awareness about wolves and strives to preserve and restore the vital role of the wolf in our ecosystem.

SHappy Healthy Dogharing that passion for wolves, local holistic veterinarian Dr. Gerald Buchoff was thrilled to have the opportunity to donate 120 pounds of his Longevity Raw Pet Food to the wolves at Wolf Visions for their care and well-being.  “Longevity is truly an ancestral diet containing pastured proteins, animal organs, and vital nutrients that improve the well-being of all dog breeds,” explained Dr. Buchoff.  “It is only natural that our Longevity food is well-liked by dogs’ ancestors. I am honored to be able to support Wolf Visions in their endeavor to raise awareness for these amazing animals.” Mr. Reo and four-year-old wolf Tecomah visited Longevity Raw Pet Food in Little Falls, NJ recently to receive their donation and Longevity was an instant hit.  Tecomah enjoyed a sample of the food and delighted Longevity’s staff and customers with her visit.

A raw food diet is associated with many health benefits for pets including increased energy, healthier skin and teeth, and a stronger immune system.  Formulated by Dr. Buchoff, Longevity Raw Pet Food is designed to support a healthy immune system for pets of all ages. Longevity Raw Pet Food is designed to optimize a pet’s wellness for enhanced quality of life and lifespan.  In addition to high quality, raw ingredients with full nutritional integrity, Dr. B’s Longevity adds the power of pet superfoods such as green tripe, lycopene, and medicinal mushrooms.  Longevity is available in area pet food stores, online at www.drbslongevity.com, and directly through Longevity’s retail location at 145 Paterson Avenue, Suite 2 in Little Falls.

To learn more about raw pet food, visit Longevity at www.drbslongevity.com or follow Longevity on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drbslongevity.

For more information about Wolf Visions, visit their website at http://www.njwolf.org

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