solar installationLongevity is more than just a brand name for our Raw Pet Food. Our goal is certainly to provide your pet with the opportunity for a long and healthy life through a nutrient-dense diet of the highest quality raw food around. But Longevity is also about a longer life experience for all of us and that means that Longevity isn't just a brand but a way of living that embraces sustainability. Green and healthy go together for us at Longevity Raw Pet Food. It's why we source grass-fed and pastured proteins, local and organic fruits and vegetables, and non-GMO ingredients for our products. It's also why we donate to animal rescue organizations and non-profit organizations who share our mission and purpose.  

Our Longevity philosophy is also why we seek out greener and cleaner ways to run our business. This month, we are excited to have installed solar panels on the roof of our Longevity Raw Pet Food building in Little Falls, New Jersey. The new solar panels will help to power our office and our freezers for storing our frozen raw pet food. Solar power derives clean energy from the sun and will enable us to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Our new solar panels will reduce our carbon footprint and help us to build a more sustainable future. We additionally hope to contribute to a decrease in fossil fuel use and in our country's dependence on foreign energy.

Thank you for supporting our vision and mission at Longevity Raw Pet Food. We believe that together we can truly make life healthier and greener for you and for your pets!