Rave Reviews for #LongevityRaw Cat Food

Longevity Raw Pet Food

Posted on September 27 2019


We are thrilled to have launched three varieties of our Longevity Raw Frozen Cat Food this year, to rave reviews!

Longevity was featured in the Stuff We Love section of Modern Cat Magazine for our "yummy and nutritious ingredients and a taste your cats will love."

In addition, Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat wrote:

" . . . the true test of any food is whether your cat will eat it. Allegra and Ruby didn’t hesitate to dive into all of these formulas, so palatability must be excellent. The girls are not fussy eaters, but they tend to be a little cautious whenever I introduce something new. This was not the case with this brand."

Our cat recipes are complete and balanced, with powerful superfoods to give your cat the highest quality nutrition on the market. All of our formulas are more than 90% meat and organs - a perfect fit for your obligate carnivore. Give Longevity a try today!

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