Why I stopped feeding my dog kibble

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After losing our last dog to an auto-immune disease, we wanted to be sure that our new dog would be fed the best diet that we could find.  As we began to research what is available we learned that the dry food used in the past was really bad for him and contained all kinds of harmful ingredients. We also discovered that there was a lack of real nutrition from the way the food is processed.

We spoke to our vet and he recommended that we buy the canned food he sells, but the smell was terrible and it too contained much of the same bad stuff that was in the dry kibble. So, we decided to look around and see if we could find a vet that was able to offer us a real solution.

We are lucky enough to live near the Longevity Holistic Veterinary Center in Little Falls, New Jersey. We met with Dr. Gerald Buchoff (Dr. B as he prefers to be called) and we learned so much! Dr. B’s passion for animals and keeping them healthy was so impressive. Dr. B’s practice is a combination of both traditional and integrative veterinary medicine which he has been growing for over 35 years. His knowledge love and passion for holistic treatments including homeopathy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, glandular nutritional therapy, to name a few, is evident.

Dr. B introduced us to the pet food he created called Longevity Raw Dog Food. Our new dog Spike not only loves it, he is full of energy and is thriving thanks to Dr. B!

Here is some of what we learned and would like to share with you:

Dogs Aren’t Meant to Eat Grains.

For many pets grains can lead to stomach problems and lethargy, and most dog food uses these grains to stabilize their product. Dr. B’s Longevity Raw Dog Food is rich in protein and contains no grains.

Quality Matters.

So much of the commercially available food is manufactured from what is deemed “feed.” The pet food industry is permitted to use meat from dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals to make the food.  Dr. B’s recipe is using highest quality meats and other ingredients that are selected for their beneficial impact on the impact of your dog’s health.

Fresh Food is Better.

Kibble and canned dog foods are over processed to a point where they have no nutritional value and tastes so bad that your pet would not eat it if they did not add artificial flavors to it. To compensate for the lack of nutrition, many companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals. We all know that receiving our nutrition from the food we eat is significantly better for us than through processed foods and supplements. What is on the shelf of the supermarket is pretty much junk food. Just like humans eating junk food, feeding your dog off the shelf products can lead to weight gain, digestive issues, low energy, unhealthy coat/skin, and degenerative diseases.

Preservatives are Not Healthy.

Manufacturers of dog food need to store and ship food from their production facilities (some in China and other countries) to a distributor. The distributor delivers to the store and then you buy it to feed to your pet. This can be a very long journey and they have no idea how long it will be from the time they make to the time you use it. They add chemicals and preservatives to make sure that the food lasts on the shelf for months or even years. These are not necessarily preservatives that are approved for human consumption, so they are likely not safe for your dog either. Longevity is fresh frozen and vacuum packed. No preservatives are added. Your dog will be getting real food without any chemicals.

Food Designed with your Dog’s Health in Mind.

Not only is Longevity healthy for your pet, every ingredient is designed to benefit the long-term health of your dog. They use ingredients like pasture raised and grass fed meat, blueberries, apples, collard greens, tomatoes, and carrots. Simple ingredients you can pronounce and understand.

If your dog has allergies, there is a food for your dog. With 6 different Longevity varieties, there is one that is right for your dog. Your older dog, your puppy, your skinny dog, your overweight dog, and your perfectly healthy dog can all benefit from Dr. B’s Longevity.

Longevity is super convenient.  They can ship directly to you or can be found in a number of neighborhood pet shops in the freezer section.

I have been feeding our new dog Max Dr. B’s Longevity Raw Dog Food for months and he is active, healthy, happy and most of all he LOVES this food!

- Elizabeth H.


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