Green Tripe 2-Pack



This is a 2-Pack of Green Tripe

Grassfed beef green tripe is a superfood for your pet. It is a highly digestible protein that is nutrient dense, rich in probiotics, and provides digestive enzymes. To be used for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

  • Green tripe is very high in protein and is easy to digest. As such, it is wonderful for dogs who are recovering from illness or who have sensitive stomachs.
  • Green tripe is loaded with beneficial bacteria or probiotics. Good bacteria will serve to strengthen your pet’s immune system and to improve their gut health.
  • Raw green tripe is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, phosphorous, selenium, and magnesium.
  • Green tripe is also a wonderful source of healthy, unsaturated fats.

Contains Only Grass Fed Beef Green Tripe

Guaranteed Analysis:

Minimum Protein 14%
Max. Fiber 4.5%
Minimum Fat 13%
Max. Moisture 72%

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