Feeding Calculator

How much Longevity Raw food should I feed my dog?

Not sure which amount is best for your pet's nutritional needs?

Longevity Raw Dog Food

We recommend that you weigh your dog regularly as it may be necessary to adjust feeding amounts over time, especially for growing puppies.

The amount of food recommended is based on a percentage of your pet's current body weight. You will need to select from these options in our calculator:

Weight Loss: Feeding 1.5% of body weight
Weight Maintenance: Feeding 2.0% of body weight
Weight Gain: Feeding 3.0% of body weight
Puppies 4-8 Weeks: Feeding 4.0% of body weight
Puppies 8 Weeks to 1 year: Feeding 3.5% of body weight
Lactating/Pregnant Dog: Feeding 5.0% of her body weight




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