Remy the dog REMY

When Remy came to us after being rejected by her first family, she was on antibiotics for diarrhea. At 10 weeks old, we figured this was normal after being in three different households (first family, foster family, forever home) over a three week period, but the diarrhea didn’t stop and she developed a skin condition where she itched all the time. We tried every dry and canned food on the market. And we took her to three different vets who all wanted to put her back on antibiotics. But my intuition said this was not the answer. A friend recommended Holistic Pet Care where Dr. B suggested his raw food. I was a little hesitant, but after just one week on the raw food, Remy's diarrhea cleared up. And after one year her skin condition cleared as well. Of all our rescued huskies, Remy’s coat, eyes, and tongue look the healthiest. Thank you, Dr. B! - Debbie R. 




Merlin the DogMERLIN


Merlin has been on Dr. B's food since I took him home from the breeder’s at 7 weeks of age. I started to make his food myself. It was exhausting and time-consuming. Dr. B's is the only food I've found that is very close to my recipe. He uses dirty tripe and all kinds of good organic meats and the right amount of veggies. It's easier for me to buy his food than to continue to make my own. Merlin will never suffer the allergies and skin irritations of corporate dog food - even the ones sold by my old vet - that Bruiser (my previous dog) did. Merlin has a beautiful coat, healthy teeth, and bones. His poops are organic too! That's a big perk, they disintegrate into the soil quickly. - Beri R.




Lulu the Dog

Lulu absolutely loves Dr. B's raw food. She was never excited about food. Now she begs for it!! She also had a lot more energy. - Nancy L.







Bentley the Dog

We have been very pleased with Dr. B’s raw dog food. Our only regret is that we did not start Bentley, our 2.5 year old Golden Retriever on the food earlier. Prior to this we were using a grain free kibble and certainly happy we made the switch. Bentley really enjoys the food and we rotate between turkey, chicken and beef. He literally circles the island in our kitchen when his meal is being prepared. Our dog has even benefited from leaning up moving to the raw diet and lost close to 15 extra pounds. We reviewed several brands of raw food and truly feel Dr. B’s is the most balanced, fresh, and complete product available on the market. - Shawn M.





Diesel the DogDIESEL


I did a lot of research of my own to find out what the best diet for my dog was. After quickly realizing that raw was the way to go, I found that Dr. B’s Longevity was the best formula I could find anywhere. Aside from being formulated by a vet to optimize its nutritional benefit, Diesel has proven its efficacy. His fur looks and feels healthier. He also is amazingly behaved and, above all, everything about him - from behavior to health - is consistent. He does not have up and down days where sometimes he doesn’t feel well; he’s always the same old happy healthy Diesel! I have been using Dr. B’s food for a while but after switching to the new Longevity formula, Diesel is much more excited to eat and seems to like it even more than he did before. - Keith C.



Xena the DogXENA

Xena, our Warrior Princess, had been eating Dr. B’s Raw Diet for Pets since we adopted her when she was 7 weeks old. We thoroughly researched the benefits of providing a raw diet and found that the scientific evidence for its health benefits were clearly established. We chose Dr. B’s due to our vet’s recommendation, and also based on the fine, fresh, healthy ingredients it contains. Xena absolutely loves it! She is now more than one-and-a-half years old and is clearly thriving, with a healthy coat and pearly whites. To say that she’s a healthy, happy, energetic pup would be an understatement (just ask anyone who’s had the pleasure of her acquaintance!). When we consider the lifelong benefits of a raw diet such as Dr. B’s, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. And to see our baby absolutely love something that is so beneficial to her is beyond words. It’s hard to say what her favorite flavor is because she loves them all so much! Thank you Dr. B for creating this exceptional product! - Tina & Rosalee.


Niko the DogNIKO

We couldn't be happier with our recent donation of Dr B's Longevity. One of our resident seniors, 11 yr old Niko the German Shepherd just LOVES it! He dives into his bowl and even licks it clean! Niko has suffered with painful ear infections for a few years. We have been through the endless cycles of steroids and antibiotics along with diet changes with no results. After putting him on the raw diet we have seen a dramatic improvement in his health. No more runny ears and incessant head shaking. He is more comfortable and so much happier now. Thank you Dr B. for a wonderful product and for making a huge difference in Niko's life. - Barbara N. of Mureille's Place - A Senior Dog Sanctuary





Loki the DogLOKI

Longevity Raw Food has been amazing for my Husky/Shephard Mix. We thought he was doing well until we switched to Dr. B’s Raw Food. Loki absolutely loves the food and he is getting all of the nutrients that he needs. He has more energy, his coat looks amazing as well as his tight figure. He looks lean and healthy. I am so lucky we found a brand that works for Loki. We eat super clean and healthy at home and we wanted to provide the same thing for our pup. We are hoping he stays this healthy for his long life ahead! - Mandy B.






Miss Sugars the Dog

My 11-year-old mini American Eskimo is acting like a pup again. She has thyroid and extreme heart issues. Not one attack since starting on your raw diet. Miss Sugar's breath is even better!! CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR YOUR AMAZING PRODUCT!!! - Dolly R. 







Piccola the DogPICCOLA

Immediately when I switched my Italian Greyhound, Piccola, over to Dr. B's food, her fur got shinier and denser. She lost the slight bloat she carried and her energy increased. Thank you, Dr B! - Happy Pet & Owner, Piccola & Sabina




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