At Longevity we are passionate about animal rescue and have partnered with a number of rescue organizations to support their valiant efforts and to spread the word about adoptable pets.  Just a few months ago, we attended a rescue event and met a gorgeous Siberian Husky/Malamute mix named Russ and we all fell in love. Russ was being fostered by A Pathway to Hope, a local animal rescue here in New Jersey. Poor Russ was, however, very skinny and suffering from digestive disorders that prevented him from gaining weight.  Immediately, we knew that Dr. B's Longevity Raw Food could help.

A couple of weeks later, Russ was in our Longevity Retail Outlet Store to receive a donation of more than 100 pounds of fresh, Healthy Happy Huskyhealthy, raw food.  He was visibly excited and super friendly.  Within a very short time, Russ's ongoing issues began to disappear.  His persistent diarrhea and vomiting resolved and he was gaining weight and thriving.   

More than a month after starting his raw food diet, we had a wonderful visit from Russ. He had gained a considerable amount of weight, his coat had filled out, and he was full of energy and enthusiasm. We are honored to be part of his wellness journey and love how happy he is on our Longevity raw food! Russ is still looking for his forever home.  If you would like to adopt Russ, please reach out to A Pathway to Hope.  We would love to help him find his family!